The Real World Portal Review

The real world portal is an online training program that teaches members how to make money online. It was created by Andrew Tate, a former professional kickboxer who has various business ventures. Like its predecessor, Hustlers University, TRW is an online community of like-minded individuals who support each other in their journey towards wealth creation and financial freedom. It is hosted on its own private server and offers several courses including the content creation campus, e-commerce and Amazon FBA business, and copywriting. It also provides investment and cryptocurrency trading training.

Which course is most useful in future?

Each course is taught by a professor who has made millions in the particular business model. They offer lessons in the form of videos and quizzes. Students can also ask questions and get advice from the professors. They can also share their own experiences and achievements with the community. The community’s “wins” channel showcases impressive accomplishments, ranging from thousands-of-dollar monthly earnings to million-dollar revenues.

While the majority of the site’s content celebrates winning, there are also personal stories of insecurity and grief. These are shared to help inspire other members and to remind them that success is attainable.

The website requires a subscription fee to become a member. Membership is available in two packages, Champion and Champion Pro, with the latter offering increased daily bonuses and exclusive features. The subscription fee can be paid with a credit card or cryptocurrency. The cost is currently $296 for a 2-year membership.