What is a Free Email Checker?

A free email checker (also known as an email verifier or an email validator) is a tool that helps you clean up your marketing email lists to ensure all the addresses in your campaigns actually exist, are active and can accept emails. Email validation software is an essential tool for all marketers and businesses to use as it can help increase the deliverability of your emails, avoid hard and soft bounces, protect your sender reputation and improve your ROI.

An email checker works by connecting to the recipient’s mailbox via SMTP to verify that the email address is active and can receive emails. It then performs several checks including syntax checking, domain verification and pinging to check the mailbox’s existence without sending an actual email. If the address pings back, it means it is a valid and active email address.

Bounce-Free Bliss: Navigating the World of Email Success with a Free Checker

Most email validators also help identify role-based email addresses like sales@, info@ and support@ that are not associated with a specific user. These types of addresses are generally used by multiple people and are often filtered into spam folders or blacklisted by service providers. An email checker will also flag these types of addresses as risky and help you to remove them from your list.

There are a variety of email checker tools to choose from, most of which offer both paid and free plans. Many of them are easy to use, with a drag and drop functionality for bulk lookups and data export in CSV format. Some even have an API so you can integrate them into your own systems. Some of the top rated email validation software includes DeBounce, ZeroBounce, Reoon and elay.