Wetpour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance is widely used in children’s playgrounds and other areas that may be exposed to child fall hazards. It’s a combination of different layers of rubber granules bound together with an elastic binder, which provides a soft surface that minimises impact and injury. It’s also available in a range of colours to create a more visually appealing surface, and it can be installed over a variety of surfaces.

While the safety benefits of wet pour are clear, it’s important to keep in mind that this surface does require regular cleaning and care. If left unattended, wetpour surfaces can suffer from a variety of issues. These include clogged drain lines, which lead to excessive moisture retention and increased slip resistance. Additionally, wetpour surfaces can be affected by silt accumulation, which may contain bacteria and allergens.

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Maintaining wetpour surfaces should involve regular cleaning and condition checks, as well as occasional re-application of protective coatings like sealants. In addition, it’s advisable to avoid the use of rock salt or grit as these can damage the surface.

If you notice any minor damage to your wetpour surface, it’s essential that you have this repaired as soon as possible. Tears can be caused by play equipment, vandalism or atmospheric conditions and can pose trip hazards if not fixed immediately. Wetpour repair kits are an easy and cost-effective way of repairing these damages to your wetpour playground surface.

Wetpour repair kits are available to purchase with or without the EPDM rubber granules and resin binder that you’ll need to carry out your repairs. We would recommend buying a kit that includes both base and wearing course repair materials, as this will ensure you have enough of the correct material to complete your repairs.