Texas Power to Choose

Texas Power to Choose is the state’s online tool for consumers who live in deregulated areas and want to choose their own energy provider. This tool lists all of the Texas electricity plans available, allowing you to search for a plan that fits your budget and home’s energy needs. It will also show you the available rates for each plan. You can choose a fixed rate, variable rate, prepaid, and more. Once you have a good idea of the type of plan that’s right for you, use the tool to narrow your options down. Check this out:powertochoose.org

With energy choice in place, Texans are not limited to their local utility when choosing their retail energy provider (REP). Thanks to deregulation, a vast selection of competitive electricity providers offer various plan types, rates, and customer experiences. Some REPs even offer green energy plans, allowing consumers to reduce their carbon footprint and support renewable energy sources.

Demystifying the Texas Power to Choose Program

The Texas Power to Choose website offers a great shopping experience that allows consumers to find a plan with confidence. It is an invaluable resource for Texans living in deregulated areas, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. It also displays current grid conditions, indicating whether the system is in normal condition, a conservation alert, a power watch, or a power warning.

The only area that does not currently have the power to choose is the city of Lubbock, which is served by a city-owned utilities company (Lubbock Power and Light). Once the local wholesale markets and power grids are ready for competition, it’s likely that the city will join ERCOT and open its doors to electricity choice.