Beverly Hills Car Club Owner Has Had Some Problems

Beverly Hills Car Club Owner

Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Car Club Owner is one of the largest classic European and American car dealers in North America. It has a 135,000-square-foot showroom crammed full of jaw-dropping cars that appeal to everyone from celebrities to everyday people looking for restoration projects. Its owner, Alex Manos, is a bona fide classic car buyer that travels the world to track down and purchase rare automobiles. He has even been called a ‘barn-find hunter’ and a ‘hero’ for his quest to find the ultimate classic car.

Classic Car Heaven: Inside the Beverly Hills Car Club’s Rare and Exquisite Collection

But Manos and his team have had some problems. Some of their buyers have filed lawsuits accusing them of hiding certain issues with the vehicles they sell. One of the most recent complaints involves a 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 that was advertised as’mechanically sound’ and sold for $270,000. The plaintiff, Bernard Parlange, claims that he never knew the Alfa had rusted frame rails or a corroded body until after he bought it from BHCC. Manos denied the allegations and said that his company does not hide anything about a vehicle when selling it. He later settled the case, but neither party disclosed the details of the settlement.

Other complaints have also been filed against BHCC in regards to its vehicles being misrepresented as ‘barn-finds’ when they are far from it. For example, a customer named Charles Farland sued BHCC over a 1967 Porsche 911 Coupe that was advertised as an authentic Targa S when it actually had welded structural body gussets. This was a violation of state law that requires dealers to conduct safety inspections on all of their vehicles.