What’s the Best Password Manager?

2023 best password manager

We use dozens of online 2023 best password manager , which each require unique logins and passwords. Keeping track of them can be a hassle, especially as vendors adopt new security requirements that make it harder to create strong, memorable passwords. That’s where a password manager can help.

Password managers collect your passwords and other personal data and store it securely in a vault. They also have browser extensions and mobile apps that automatically fill in your passwords, usernames and other information when you go to websites or login. Some password managers can also generate secure, hard-to-crack passwords for you. They can also sync across devices and platforms and can help you reset your passwords if you forget them.

Mastering Password Management: A Look at the Best Tools for 2023

A good password manager has a lot of features that may be appealing to different users, including the ability to generate complex and long passwords for each account; to automatically fill in your personal information on forms on websites; and to easily share credentials with friends or family. The best options have secure encryption, two-factor authentication and the capability to restore your main-entry password in case you lose your master key or get hacked. Some also offer dark web scanning and a secure virtual private network.

LastPass is the industry’s reigning champion for its robust free service tier, which includes unlimited device syncing and sharing and one-to-one encrypted password and information sharing. Dashlane offers a similar level of feature set for its free plan, and it recently added features like dark web scanning, a password changer and an intuitive desktop software program. A more recent entry, NordPass, is better for businesses, with an administrator-controlled password vault and the ability to give and retract access in a second (including company credit cards and vendor logins).