USA Flags Collection

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new American flag or just interested in learning more about the history of the country’s oldest symbol, we have an extensive collection of resources for your research. USA Flags Collection features an expansive list of articles on the subject, as well as an invaluable collection of FAQs and a scholarly bibliography. Read more:

These encyclopedic articles are uniformly well written and researched, and they include a glossary of vexillological terms. They also feature detailed tables of contents and cross-references, making them easy to use.

The first edition of this reference book was published in 1998, and it covers all aspects of the design and construction of the United States flag. Since then, the authors have updated and expanded the work to cover all the latest developments in the field of vexillology. It is now the most comprehensive work on the subject, and it contains a wealth of photographs, illustrations, and other graphic materials.

Displaying Pride: USA Flags Collection

In addition to a thorough discussion of the standard specifications for the national flag, this book presents historical information on various designs and styles. It also includes a timeline of important dates in the evolution of the flag, and a bibliography.

The iconic American flag packs an emotional wallop. It’s a potent symbol viewed passionately across our political spectrum, and it’s often the center of constitutional questions about the religious character of the Pledge of Allegiance and the question of whether or not flag desecration is protected speech.