ABC Appliance Repair of West Hartford Is Reliable, Honest and Experienced

Having a range repair West Hartford Service Area company that is dependable, honest, and experienced can make all the difference in dealing with a kitchen appliance issue. A shoddy repair by an inexperienced technician can leave your Wolf, GE, or Whirlpool double wall oven, stove or electric range in worse shape than before the problem existed.

Jay Miskin owns and operates the business his father started in 1961. He continues the family tradition of fair and honest appliance repair while treating customers with the respect they deserve. He understands that people need prompt appliance repair and does not rely on pagers or voice mail to answer phone calls. Instead, he answers the phones so the customer knows help is on the way.

The Ultimate Guide to ABC Appliance Repair of West Hartford: Your Go-To Solution for Home Appliance Issues

No one likes a broken washing machine or refrigerator that is constantly running. Addressing these issues quickly can save you money and stress. That is why ABC Appliance Repair is proud to be part of the Neighborly network of trusted, local home service providers. No more searching through dozens of different providers – find the best local service professionals at Neighborly.